Company Profile

WAMIN is China based global supplier for different kind of medicines. We are located in Hangzhou, one of the most innovative and fastest developing city in China.

Started from 2011, WAMIN have 10 years of experience for pharmaceutical products export business. By now the main business of us is generic medicine exporting and related registration & marketing services.

The main products we export are as below:

  • Powder for Injection – Over 15 main products, exported to 7 different countries
  • Small Volume Injection – Over 30 main products, exported to 11 different countries
  • Large Volume Injection – Over 10 main products, exported to 5 different countries
  • Tablets – Over 20 main products, exported to 10 different countries
  • Capsules – Over 10 main products, exported to 8 different countries
  • Cream & Ointment – Over 10 main products, exported to 3 different countries
  • Eye Drops & Ear Drops – Over 10 main products, exported to 3 different countries
  • Syrup & Dry Suspension – Over 10 main products, exported to 4 different countries

By now, WAMIN provide below services based on generic medicine export business.

  • Product registration is a part of our finished medicine export procedure.
  • WAMIN provides contract manufacturing of generic finished medicine for different formulations.
  • WAMIN provide sourcing service to customer all over the world based on strict rules.
  • WAMIN focus on China generic medicine marketing & distribution. We cooperate with China generic medicine factories, and distribute products over the world.

Currently, we have 5 production base in different areas in China. WAMIN supplies over 50 kinds of finished medicine including tablets ,capsules, injection, eye drops/ear drops, cream/ointment, syrup and suspension. WAMIN’s products are exported 15 countries and 3 continents.