Contract Manufacturing

WAMIN provides contract manufacturing of generic finished medicine for different formulations including tablets, capsules, liquid injection, powder for injection, eye drops & ear drops, ointment & cream and syrup & suspension.Contract Manufacturing

We do contract manufacturing mainly in below two types.

  • Do production by our existed formula and production procedure. WAMIN provide registration to customer, product get local market authorization by the document we have. And product will be produced with packing of destination country language.
  • Do production following customer’s formula. We will evaluate the project first, and start from pilot experiment to commercial quantity.

Production Capacity:

Formulation Estimated Yearly Production Quantity
Powder for Injection 15 million vials
Small Volume Injection 60 million ampoules
Large Volume Injection 8 million bottles
Tablets 120 million tablets
Capsules 120 million capsules
Cream & Ointment 10 million tubes
Eye Drops & Ear Drops 12 million bottles/boxes
Syrup & Dry Suspension 8 million bottles/boxes

What WAMIN provide to support generic medicine contract manufacturing global market business.

  • More than 100 existed formula and registered dossier
  • Professional technical person for formula development, production and registration
  • Strict quality control system
  • Flexible business mode

By the above support and our effort, hope WAMIN can expand the business to more countries and regions with our valued partners.