Product registration

Product registration is a part of our finished medicine export procedure. It is necessary to have a finished medicine registered at Ministry of Health first before commercial purchase in many countries.

Product registrationMost Product we export is produced by China local manufacturer. It is regulated under China GMP with stable quality, but the original language for the documents is Chinese. Due to the language gap, usually it is not easy for the communication between end user and local manufacturer.

WAMIN have professional team for finished product medicine registration. And we have consultant team with more than 10 specialist from different pharmaceutical companies and universities. During years of business, we have god experience in connecting with local factory and the policy of destination country.

We can provide below documents for assistance of registration with local distributor based on request.

  • Product Dossier in CTD/ACTD
  • GMP Certificate
  • Manufacturing Licence
  • COPP(Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product)
  • FSC( Free Sale Certificate)
  • CCPIT certification
  • Embassy Notarization
  • Other documents based on request.

Below we share some successful product registeration case in different countries.

Successful case 1
Registration country: Cameroon
Quality standard : BP
Product type: FDF, Antibiotic
Certificate type: Market Authorization

Successful case 2
Registration country: Cambodia
Quality standard: CP
Product type: FDF, NSAIDs
Certificate type: Market Authorization

Successful case 3
Registration country:Papua New Guinea
Quality standard:BP
Product type: FDF, Antibiotic
Certificate type: Market Authorization

Successful case 4
Registration country: Azerbaijan
Quality standard: Enterprise Standard
Product type: Dietary Supplement
Certificate type: Market Authorization

We will focus on Generic finished medicine export business in the future years. The product registration service will be one of the most important part of our daily work. Hope to provide more China origin generic medicine to the world in the future by our effort, and the cooperation between our valued customers and WAIMN.