Antibiotics against Gram-negative bacterial

Which Antibiotics To Use Against Gram-negative Bacterial?

Gram-negative bacteria has multi-layered cell wall that prevents many antibiotics from accessing. so it is very difficult to develop drugs against Gram-negative bacteria. Here we list the common antibiotics for the treatment of Gram-negative pathogens infection.

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Drugs Interacts with Alcohol

List of Drugs that Interacts with Alcohol

Many drugs interacts with alcohol which might increase the risk of adverse drug reactions, bring severe toxic reactions, and even lead to death. Here is list of common types of drugs that interacts with alcohol.

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Compound Sodium Chloride Injections‘ Drug Interaction

Drugs should not use in combination with Compound Sodium Chloride Injection

Compound sodium chloride injection, also known as ringer lactate infusion, is a sterile, nonpyrogenic, isotonic solution that contains sodium chloride 0.85%, potassium chloride 0.03%, calcium chloride 0.033%. Many drugs are suggested not to use in combination with Compound Sodium Chloride Injection/Ringer Lactate Infusion as it reacts with electrolyte, especially calcium ion.

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